GRC Playbook for Accounting and Advisory Firms

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What is GRC Playbook for Accounting and Advisory Firms?

GRC Playbook™ for Accounting and Advisory Firms is a consulting tool that will enable you to expand your range of service offerings and win new business.

Using our fully functional governance risk and compliance assessment and delivery efficiency tool, you can propose on client engagements with confidence knowing that you have everything you need to deliver on your commitments.

How to grow your business with GRC Playbook

We know that the biggest obstacle to expanding into new areas of business is time and subject matter expertise. With GRC Playbook, you can increase your staff efficiency, improve client consultant communication and have a template ready to go without having to do any subject matter research. 

GRC Playbook is designed to provide a framework of editable templates which assist and guide your consultant staff members to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. We can also help your business development team identify and exploit opportunities and areas that provide the most potential to cost-effectively enable you to generate additional profitable growth. 

How we support you

Expert Playbooks

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GRC Playbook quickly pays for itself in the time it saves.  Our ever-expanding library of fully-loaded Playbooks (included in your subscription to GRC Playbook) can be immediately downloaded and customized so that you never have to start from scratch.  Authoritative source materials are hyperlinked directly into each Playbook to give you the confidence you need to ensure that your assessment deliverables are credible and well received.

Our packages are fully customizable, based on the number you need for your requirements. We advise a GRC Playbook license for all members on your GRC team who will be servicing clients.

Our software is embedded in Microsoft Excel®so your staff will be able to download and go. We give you everything you need to propose, execute and deliver superior work product across a wide range of subject areas – with editable templates, on a platform you already know.

GRC Playbook for Accounting Firms licensing agreement allows the use of our software for revenue generating purposes which is not allowed under GRC Playbook Corporate. GRC Playbook also offers personalised support to ensure your firm makes the most out of your subscription

We have an extensive library of subject matter playbooks that is being updated constantly. For the most up to date list please click here

GRC Playbook has an inbuilt update checker. Simply click on the info icon and select “check for playbook updates”. If an update is available, you will be prompted to download the additional material.

No, It is not required for your clients to subscribe to GRC Playbook. Playbooks are fully scalable to suit the required task – gap analysis, diagnostic review or full-scale assessment. Extensive board-level reports – Dashboards, Status Summaries, Risk Registers and Heat Maps – automatically populate for immediate use. These deliverables can be presented to clients without them having a subscription. However, if your clients wish to have a subscription so they can have control over their internal processes, they can subscribe via our website here.

GRC Playbook

MIND the GAP – Closing the compliance risk gap.

You know what your clients need,
let us help you deliver.

Based on Authoritative Sources

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