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What is GRC Playbook®?

Governance Risk and Compliance templates for innovative consulting services. Increase productivity, reduce costs. Easy client deliverables

GRC Playbook® is a consulting tool that will enable you to expand your range of service offerings and win new profitable business.
Our Playbooks are Smart Excel® Templates addressing the financial (ICFR), operational and regulatory compliance mandates facing your clients.

We know the regulations

We have over 30 years experience providing value-added GRC solutions to clients world-wide 

We provide the templates

Our extensive library of Playbook templates  covers a broad range of needed client  services

You know your business

You know your clients’ changing needs and the  competitive challenges to maintain your “go-to” service provider status

You deliver the services

Download a Playbook and confidently deliver the  value-added service that your client needs

Based on Authoritative Sources

What is GRC Playbook® for Accounting and Advisory Firms?

GRC Playbook® for Accounting and Advisory Firms is a consulting tool that will enable you to expand your range of service offerings and win new profitable business.

Using our fully functional governance risk and compliance assessment and delivery efficiency tool, you can propose on client engagements with confidence knowing that you have everything you need to deliver on your commitments.

How to grow your business with GRC Playbook®

We know that the biggest obstacle to expanding into new areas of business is time and subject matter expertise. With GRC Playbook®, you can increase your staff efficiency, improve client consultant communication and have a template ready to go without having to do any subject matter research. 

GRC Playbook is designed to provide a framework of editable templates which assist and guide your consultant staff members to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. We can also help your business development team identify and exploit opportunities and areas that provide the most potential to cost-effectively enable you to generate additional profitable growth.  It further facilitates your ability to size and prioritize revenue exposure.

How we support you

Expert Playbooks

Each Playbook is a fully loaded Excel® template derived from authoritative sources hyperlinked directly into the Playbook. 

1:1 Onboarding

We will work with you to ensure a seamless onboarding and get GRC Playbook working for you immediately.

Wraparound Support

We will be with you every step of the way, providing you with tailored service to support your GRC practice.

Ongoing Playbook Updates

Our playbooks will update with changing legislation. Check for updates on our toolbar and have confidence in your work.

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Over 30 years of experience in solving your governance, risk and compliance needs, condensed into one subscription.

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Kevin M. Hyams CPA, FCA, CFE

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