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Current Library of Programmed Smart Excel Templates (RCMs and SAQs)

Our fully editable and customizable Playbooks are firmly grounded in current industry best practice and are designed to get you started right away with confidence – saving you considerable time and cost, reducing your control and compliance risk, and allowing you to add considerable value to your organization


Corporate Governance Code (UK)

The Corporate Governance Code (UK) Playbook addresses the following principles, provisions, and sections:

  • Board leadership and company purpose
  • Division of responsibilities
  • Composition, succession, and evaluation
  • Audit, risk, and internal control, and
  • Remuneration

Single Audit (Formerly A-133) OMB CS Internal Control

The Single Audit (Formerly A-133) OMB Internal Control Library includes the following Playbooks:

  • Control Activities 
  • Entity-Wide Controls
Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Each Playbook is a pre-populated Excel® template derived from hyperlinked authoritative sources. Mandated data points are tagged and date-stamped. Drop-down choice lists and one-click input selections ensure that compliance assessments are completed and delivered on time, and on budget. Reviews are facilitated by an integrated evidentiary document repository. Presentation-ready reports are auto-populated as assessments are completed.

 Presentation-Ready Reports

Presentation-Ready Reports

Presentation-ready reports are auto-populated as assessments are completed.

Risk Registers, Heatmaps, Dashboards, Status, and Gap Summaries automatically populate as the assessment data is entered into a Playbook and provide a rich and immediate one-click management reporting environment for individual assessment and globally for aggregated and consolidated reporting, as appropriate.

Scalable Ease-of-Use

Scalable Ease-of-Use

Use GRC Playbook to perform risk-based, scalable and highly cost-effective assessments, and generate automated presentation-ready reporting, to satisfy regulatory and corporate-mandated requirements – from rapid Gap Analyses (SAQs) to full-scale regulatory and COSO-type Risk and Control Matrix (RCM) assessments.

3 Modes of Use (Illustative Example)

Playbooks builds on and retain the information entered into each of the three work modes to allow you the flexibility of working interchangeably in whatever mode suits your needs at a particular time.

Control Scans (Gap and Maturity Analysis)

Gap analyses against authoritative best practices and applicable international frameworks

Designed to provide the user with a rapid assessment of the organization’s control/compliance “gaps” – in advance of a more in-depth assessment


Mid-level analysis. A more-in depth review of your chosen subject area.

RCM Assessment

A full-scale Risk and Control Matrix Assessment that gives you the most comprehensive view of your subject area.


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