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Try GRC Playbook for free
Try GRC Playbook for free

About GRC Playbook®

Helping you deliver defensible compliance assessments and scalable value-added services

We are a technology-based software development and consulting company specializing in providing innovative compliance and business development tools to corporations for in-house use and to accountancy, advisory, and consulting firms looking to expand their GRC consulting services.

Our business development tool enables our subscribers to utilize a complete suite of Playbooks (RCMs and SAQs) to satisfy their in-house compliance mandates as well as enabling accounting, advisory, and consulting firms to provide expanded services to their current and prospective clients. Our offering is both a software program and a complimentary library of subject matter Playbooks. This growing library of Playbooks – pre-populated control, compliance, and profitability self-assessment modules - is designed to automate and enhance the assessment and documentation process with minimal training, cost, and setup time. The contents of the Playbooks are derived from authoritative source materials so that subscribers can get the job done without the need to do specialist research on the topics covered by our modules. The authoritative guidance is hyperlinked directly in the Playbooks.

GRC Playbook is available for download as an on-premise tool. Our software can also be configured to work on a network or in the cloud. The application is integrated into Microsoft Office, giving users the full power and functionality of MS Excel. When installed, and running a valid subscription license, our software provides a unique ribbon on the users' Excel toolbar providing the full functionality of our program.

Grc Playbook Limited

About the Playbooks

GRC Playbook leverages the familiar Excel interface and is easy to use and quick to learn. It runs on top of Microsoft Excel, which most of us use every single day. GRC Playbook has been designed with efficiency and ease of use at its core.

Our growing library of “Playbooks” – pre-populated Excel-based control, compliance, and profitability assessment templates are designed to automate and enhance the assessment and documentation process with minimal training, cost, and setup time.

GRC Playbook is designed to provide you with the flexible option to perform a scaled assessment of the subject area to suit your particular objective in performing the assessment:

1) a simple ControlSCAN (Gap Analysis against good practice),
2) a more in-depth DiagnosticREVIEW, or
3) a full-scale Risk and Control Matrix (RCM) Assessment (based on authoritative or regulatory framework requirements e.g., COSO 2013 and other international standards)

About the Playbooks

3 Modes of Use (Illustrative Example)

Playbooks builds on and retain the information entered into each of the three work modes to allow you the flexibility of working interchangeably in whatever mode suits your needs at a particular time.

ControlSCAN (Gap Analysis)

Gap analyses against authoritative best practices and applicable international frameworks

Designed to provide the user with a rapid assessment of the organization’s compliance “gaps” and "maturity" – in advance of a more in-depth assessment



A more in-depth review and risk assessment of your chosen subject area.

RCM Assessment

A full-scale COSO-type Risk and Control Matrix Assessment that gives you the most comprehensive view of your subject area.

MIND the GAP - Closing the compliance risk gap

The GRC Playbook software comes with ready-to-use pre-populated smart “Playbooks” covering a vast array of regulatory compliance subject areas. It runs on top of Excel, so no learning curve or additional expenditure is required. Each Playbook gives you the option of performing iterative assessments scaled to your particular requirements – from a quick and easy ControlSCAN (Gap Analysis), a more extensive DiagnosticREVIEW, to a full-blown Risk and Control Matrix (RCM) assessment.

Try GRC Playbook for free


Based on Authoritative Sources

Our fully editable and customizable Playbooks are firmly grounded in current industry best practice and are designed to get you started right away with confidence – saving you considerable time and cost, reducing your control and compliance risk, and allowing you to add considerable value to your organization.

The affordable pricing, and familiar Microsoft Excel working environment, makes this a “no-brainer” for discerning and busy professionals charged with the responsibility of having to demonstrate ongoing compliance with relevant laws, regulations and internal corporate policy mandates.


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