Ransomware Prevention and Detection Playbook Library

The Ransomware Protection and Detection Library includes the following Playbooks:

  • Basic Ransomware Protection and Recovery (NIST/JCA), and
  • Ransomware Risk Management Framework (NIST)

These Ransomware Protection and Detection Playbooks are also included in the Cybersecurity Library

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Note:  You must first install the GRC Playbook software before you can open and use the encrypted Playbooks.

All Playbooks are encrypted to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your data. The GRC Playbook software automatically generates and applies the password to programmatically unencrypt a Playbook and open it for use.

Save the downloaded Playbooks to a secure location on your system. Open your Playbooks from your secure location. GRC Playbook Limited does not have visibility into any of the data you enter into your downloaded Playbooks. 

Based on Authoritative Sources


Custody Rule SEC NIST NSA UK NCSC Aus Cyber Centre

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